About I'm Over It!

My name is Sarah and I own a jewelry leasing company called, I'm Over It. I started I'm Over It after taking a long, hard look in my own jewelry box. I realized that there were just too many pieces that were often ignored and passed over for the newer more exciting ones...pieces I just "had to have" but quite frankly I had grown tired of. I was OVER them. What a waste! I just knew I couldn't be the only one struggling with beautiful but neglected jewelry. Jewelry that had been worn a few times only to be tossed in the back of the jewelry box never to be seen again!

Then the idea hit me...and I'm Over It was born. This is my journey to help women everywhere put an end to beautiful, neglected, over-looked and ignored jewelry. Stop tossing jewelry in the back of your jewelry box and join us as we put an end to unwanted jewelry everywhere!

On the side (which is what you're reading now) I blog about all things jewelry...and sometimes beautiful wedding accessories like bird cage veils and fabulous Etsy finds. Basically, I blog about anything beautiful and inspiring!

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