Bathroom Essentials!

I thought I would share some of my favorite beauty essentials! I always love it when I read what and why others choose some of their products!

working clockwise...

I have been wearing Bobbi Brown lipgloss in Rose Sugar forever. I've tried others but this is the only lipgloss that lasts and lasts!

Blister band-aids are my "go to" for new shoes! Works way better that a regular ole band-aid.

I can't say enough about the next two items. LOVE the DiorShow. Covers each lash without flaking and it smells nice too. The Chanel eyeliner is the only eyeliner that doesn't run down my face by the end of the day.

My sis introduced me to the Ped-Egg and I have to say it really does work! Worth the $10.00

I love the Loreal Sublime tanning face lotion. Always delivers a nice warm glow!

I love this Stila Illuminating moisterizer. It comes in 2 shades and has a nice shimmer. Plus 15 spf!

Lancome Dual-Finish Powder. I don't wear foundation so this is great alternative. It comes with a sponge and a puff but I use a powder brush to apply it.

I have been using the Bliss Sleeping Peel for about a year! I love the way it smoothes my skin out and it really does lighten those dark spots!

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-Edye said...

I am stuck on band-aids - cuz band-aids stuck on me! Nice work Sarah!