Beach Essentials!

After my recent beach trip, I thought I would share what saved me during my stay!

Working clockwise...

Pantene Moisture Mask...this works so great as a deep conditioner. Add some to your wet or dry hair, put your beach hat on...and viola..instant deep conditioner treatment!

Comfort Towel with Pillow...I got this as a gift and I LOVE it. The pillow fits snugly under your neck and allows for the perfect reading position. And it beats trying to roll towels together for a make-shift pillow.

Ocean Potion...I love this stuff. Covers great and smells delicious. But I limit it to my body only as it can sting your face. See below for sensitive skin.

Water Babies...this is amazing especially for the small ones. Stays on, sprays easily, and does not sting the face!

Ipod...this is a no-brainer!

EGO Waterproof Sound Case...a boom box for the beach! Water proof, sand-proof and everyone can hear...perfect.

Straw Fedora...another no-brainer! I could not live without an umbrella at the beach! I started toting one about 5 years ago and I honestly don't know what took me so long!

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