Twilight Saga Jewelry: Bella Swan's Charm Bracelet

Coming Soon! Our version of The Twilight Saga Charm Bracelet that Jacob gave Bella! This bracelet will come with your choice of 3 wolves. The one shown here is the wolf head. You'll also have your choice of 2 different styles of a howling wolf! The bracelet is Perma silver including all charms and the the heart charm is a clear, 18mm faceted-cut Swarovski crystal.

Email or just click the "mail me" envelope on the right if you will be interested in this bracelet! This will retail for $27.00. The movie is set to release November 21st, so get yours today!

UPDATE: Please follow me here to purchase the bracelet AND necklace.

You can pick one of the 3 wolves for your bracelet!

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