Here I go again.....VINTAGE!

Here I go again loving vintage designer jewelry! I'm Over It will soon be carrying some beautiful vintage jewelry by designers such as Boucher, Trifari, Haskell, Weiss, Krammer...on and on. Vintage jewelry (1930's-1960's) was made with better quality products and the folks over at N and N's Vintage Jewelry sure know how to pick 'em.

Ciner Three Stranded Pave and Pearls Collar Necklace $295.00

Hattie Carnegie Gold Gaspipe and Spangled Tassels Choker Necklace $295.00

MB Boucher Gold and Pave and Bageuettes Swirl Necklace with Tassles and Detachable Pin Clip $675.00

My personal favorite is the last one by Boucher *sigh*... so pretty. Made in 1948 and the pendant is a detachable pin that can be worn on a jacket or dress.

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