{lipstick jungle necklace....carolee lux}

Okay, okay....so I was a tad bit obsessed with Lipstick Jungle this season! But what girl wouldn't be?? The fashion...the jewelry!!! So much inspiration there.

In this picture of Nico leaving her husbands funeral, I couldn't take my eyes off her double row pearl necklace. Which... I found at Carolee Lee LUX. It's actually just one strand but they doubled up.
Don't you just love the small bit of bling in between some of the pearls? I love this line and I can't wait for the new Spring Line to arrive so we can all drool together!
UPDATE: This necklace and more by Carolee LUX is in! Go here!


Julia said...

The earrings are Carolee LUX also! Join the Carolee fan page on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/pages/Carolee/46202046753?ref=ts

Sarah*I'm Over It* said...

Julia...thanks so much for sharing that!