{Organize and Display Today!}

{click on pic to get a closeup look}

I really do live for these articles! When the new InStyle comes in the mail, I always look for two things...(1) If they feature the celebrity on the cover's house with a shot of their jewelry and how they display it and (2) their accessories report! This month they featured another article on organizing/displaying your jewelry.

Here are a few items I found at Anthropologie ! Drawer pulls and wall hooks...perfect for displaying jewelry on walls!

Use plates, cake stands, serving platters and bowls for the top of your dresser! Please take note of that sweet elephant...it holds your rings. All from Anthropologie!


ms. less is always more said...

I have been so into "displaying" my jewelry lately... it is so fun to find little mismatched cups/trays to put it all together... so fun!

Blair said...

Love this post! I'm printing it out and putting it into my file of ideas for my house next year.