New I'm Over It Site!

I’m Over It is almost ready to launch their brand new website! Before we switch over, we need to let you know of some important reminders concerning the new site.

1.) Your previous log-in information will no longer work on the new site. So, you will need to re-register.

2.) We will no longer be featuring any of the jewelry collections named after Hollywood starlets. Our main focus will be on leasing designer jewelry. We are running a very special 60% OFF SALE on each collection. Just enter sparkle60 at checkout to enjoy these savings! Go here to see these collections.

3.) Our new site will no longer offer the calendar to reserve jewelry. If you have jewelry that is already on reserve…do not worry! Reservations that took place prior to the switch are still on hold for those customers.

We will be sending an email once the new site launches! Don’t forget to take advantage of the 60% off sale because once the new site launches…those collections will be gone!

Thank you!
I’m Over It, INC.

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